Nicky Hilton Attends a Movie Premiere in Christian Louboutin Pumps

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Nicky Hilton wears Christian Louboutin Un Bout Pumps in NYC (5)

Nicky Hilton recently flaunted some premium designer goodies at the Jobs movie premiere at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. As you can see, she’s wearing the PVC-perfect Christian Louboutin Un Bout Pumps (with ankle straps removed) and carrying a Valentino VaVaVoom Shoulder Bag as a clutch. The Un Bouts are, unsurprisingly, sold out nearly everywhere online, but you can shop Louboutin at Net-a-Porter. You can also grab your own VaVaVoom in beige for $1,720 at Farfetch.

Heiresses have all the fun. We’re reminded of this every time we see a pic of the Hiltons or the Ecclestones. They have nothing but time, money, and custom closets that would probably make a girl faint (or at least swoon uncontrollably). Nicky Hilton in particular has one of the most enviable designer bag collections we’ve ever seen, which you can check out in “The Many Bags of Nicky Hilton” on PurseBlog!

Nicky Hilton wears Christian Louboutin Un Bout Pumps in NYC (1)

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PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – July 24th

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PBWIMB - July 24th

This week on #PBWIMB, it was clear you all love your wallets and small leather accessories as much as you love your handbags. We’re firm believers that the inside of your bag is just as important as what it looks like on the outside, and what better way to accessorize than to stuff it with designer goodies?

Take a look at our favorite Instagrams of the week, and be sure to keep tagging your photos with #PBWIMB to be featured.

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Minka Kelly Looks Primped and Perfect in Christian Louboutin Pumps

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Minka Kelly wears Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps (5)

Proof positive that the Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps are quickly becoming a celeb fave: here’s Minka Kelly donning a fresh new black patent pair at the premiere of The Butler. Even more proof: Minka’s exact pumps are already on back order at Neiman Marcus. As any CL fan can probably deduce, the So Kates are a slightly exaggerated, even sexier version of the Christian Louboutin Pigalles. For a full analysis of the So Kates and their similarities and dissimilarities with the Pigalles, check out Amanda’s extremely informative So Kates review here.

We expect to see a lot more So Kates on A-list feet this season. If you’ve got your high heel strut down to an exact science (plus ankle bones made of steel), you’ll probably want to take them for a test drive ASAP – we suspect most stores will have trouble keeping these in stock. They’re exactly the kind of pumps that men love to buy for women, women love to buy for themselves, and absolutely no one can walk in for more than ten paces!

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Introducing the Fendi By The Way Bag

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Fendi By The Way Bag

Fendi bags have upped the ante in the past few years, with many of the brand’s new releases quickly becoming must-haves. From the Peekaboo, to the 2Jours, to the adorably playful Bag Bugs, Fendi has yet to disappoint.

I’m always interested to see what a brand comes up with after a several-season hot streak; few are able to sustain that kind of success for long, but Fendi looks to have a solid hold on its accessories. The newest bag to hit the family is the Fendi By The Way Bag, which is also known as the Fendi Bauletto.

Fendi By The Way Bag (2)

The By The Way will be making waves for so many reasons. First, the design is pretty. The shape is a bit different from most bags on the market and very different for Fendi, but the bag can actually be carried multiple ways. The top handles easily pull tighter so you can slide your hand under them and use the bag as a clutch, which works best with the smaller size. Then you can also carry the bag by hand with the top handles, or with the strap either over your shoulder or across your body.

Fendi By The Way Bag (3)

Very few bags are taking the East-West shape and doing it well right now, but this is a bag that does. The By The Way comes in two sizes; the Piccolo is the smaller option and is big enough for daily use but also can move into the evening, and the Grande, which will carry much more. I adore this bag and am so happy to see Fendi continuing to design bags that the accessory market needs.

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Heidi Klum Wears Christian Louboutin to “America’s Got Talent”

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Heidi Klum wears Christian Louboutin Monocronana Sandals (5)

Here’s Heidi Klum at an America’s Got Talent post-show shindig in NYC, donning a fabulous pair of studded, metallic and distinctly un-monochrome Christian Louboutin Monocronana Sandals. We spotted Ashley Tisdale in these exact same Louboutins last month. Tragically, they’re no longer available online, but you can shop an extensive selection of Louboutins via Net-a-Porter.

I have to give Heidi a special nod for her fantastic, glittery dark blue pedicure. There’s really no point in strapping on an $800 pair of open-toed sandals unless you’re going to pay a professional to make your toes look like a million bucks. (It seems the term “investment shoes” has a double meaning, when it comes to designer sandals. )

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The Many Bags of Kris Jenner

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The Many Bags of Kris Jenner

Although not everyone loves the world’s most famous momager, we think you’ll all have to agree that Kris Jenner not only has a rather impressive collection of handbags, but she has a more finely tuned sense of style than the vast majority of celebrities. Kris knows what she likes and where to find it, and more often than not, that means Chanel in neutral colors, Valentino in prints and anything that looks extremely expensive in shades of black and ivory, with an occasional pop of red to liven things up.

Whether you’re a Kris fan or just a fan of looking at great bags, we think you’ll enjoy what’s happening below, even if it’s in spite of yourself.

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