The Many Bags of Kylie and Kendall Jenner

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The Many Bags of Kylie and Kendall Jenner

You may have heard that Kylie and Kendall Jenner have recently released a new sci-fi novel. I was going to say that they “wrote” it, but that seems like it would be a generous description of their relationship to the book. Instead, we’d like to spend a little time talking about something that the Jenner girls have a more obvious expertise in: designer handbags. Both of the youngest sisters in the Kardashian-Jenner clan take after their older sisters when it comes to a love for Celine, Givenchy and especially Balenciaga.

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The Many Shoes of Paris Couture Week Fall 2014′s Celebrity Attendees

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Paris Couture Week

While we already showcased one of the biggest footwear highlights from the Paris Couturerunways last week (Chanel flip-flops), sometimes the greatest fashion spectacles happen not only on the runway, but off of it as well.

The attendees at Paris Couture Week sport such covetable street style looks that often, the specific pieces have yet to land in stores. We wished we could have traveled to Paris to checkout these amazing footwear moments ourselves, but instead, we’ll settle for some paparazzi photos to help us get a glimpse at the Many Shoes of the Attendees of Paris Couture Week.

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Instagram Shoe Celebrities: @louboutinluxe

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LouboutinLuxe Instagram Celebrity

This week on Instagram, we found a feed filled with tons beautiful Louboutins. Instagrammer@louboutinluxe has a shoe closet packed primarily with red soles, but she doesn’t shy away from other designer shoes. Along with the endless amounts of Louboutins, @louboutinluxe also has a handful of Chanel and Hermès accessories that we couldn’t help but drool over.

Like many of the Instagrammers we feature, @louboutinluxe keeps her identity hidden and instead chooses to have pictures focused on showing off her shoes and accessories.

Take at look at some of our favorite pictures from her enviable collection in the gallery below, or head straight to her page to see the full thing!

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The Many Bags of Nicky Hilton

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The Many Bags of Nicky Hilton

Brace yourself, kids: Nicky Hilton’s bag collection is about to make your head explode. You should probably ask friends and loved ones to move out of your immediate vicinity, lest they get any on them. If you don’t heed that warning, well, it’s not my fault. None of this is my fault. It’s all Ms. Hilton’s. I’m just a middle man. And I know what you’re thinking: Nicky Hilton? YES, THAT WAS MY REACTION TOO. I share in your incredulity.

Now that you’re all properly prepared like front-row attendees at a Gallagher show in the 70s, we can begin. Nicky Hilton has (and has been photographed with) basically every bag that’s been popular since I first became aware of designer handbags circa 2002. Every It Bag from the Chloe Paddington to the Celine Luggage Tote is represented here, plus a lot of other beautiful bags along the way. If you don’t believe me, I’ve got all the evidence you could ever need below

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Your Red Soles Can Now Match Your Red Toes With Christian Louboutin Nail Polish

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Rougue Louboutin_2

Designer Christian Louboutin has made his mark with red soles, and now Louboutin is about to leave another kind red footprint. The shoe maven is entering the beauty realm in the most relevant way by creating a line of signature nail polishes. Upon hearing this delightful news, I took a little “lunch break” to see this fabulous display at Saks; when you’re only ten blocks away, why not?

The entire collection will feature 30 shades that will be debut August 31st, but today you can buy the infamous Rouge Louboutin shade, which is the same color as the brand’s infamous red soles, at or Saks’ flagship store here in NYC. WWD reports that this “month-long lag in distribution rollout between the red polish and the 30 remaining shades is designed to give the Rouge enamel its own time in the merchandising spotlight.”

The Christian Louboutin nail polish bottle is unlike any other bottle in your nail collection, with a distinct, architectural bottle and cap that resembles a calligraphy pen. It’s eight inches long and is modeled after the eight-inch heel of Louboutin’s Ballerina Ultima. This ultra long cap will makes for one luxurious applying experiences, and this shade will be a sure knockout with whichever pair of Louboutins you choose (or any shoe – a touch of Louboutin lacquer will always do you good).

But, of course, what’s a Louboutin product without the Louboutin price tag? These nail polishes will cost you $50 each, and you can try yours today at Saks.

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The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr, Part Two

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The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr Part 2

Since we started our The Many Bags of… series over a year ago, we’ve been making periodic mental note of the celebrities that we’d like to revisit for a second round. Some stars have simply been too bag-crazy for too long to do justice to them in one shot, and others, like supermodel and all-around perfect human being Miranda Kerr, have stepped up to the handbag plate so much in the past year that their bag choices in that time period totally eclipse whatever they had going on before that, no matter how good at was. (And in Kerr’s case, it was very good.)

Kerr has always been gorgeous and well-dressed, of course, but since we profiled her last June, she’s almost become super-human. Even when she’s headed to a regular ol’ business meeting and gets snapped by photographers on a grungy sidewalk, the photos often look like they could be from an ad campaign, given some color correction and the addition of a designer logo. She reminds me of a less retro, less rigid Dita Von Teese – a perfectly coiffed aesthetic superhero, always fighting (and winning) the good fight against frizzy hair and bad tailoring. Sending her a handbag must be the easiest decision in the world for a brand’s PR department – she’s going to make it look the best it can possibly look, no matter what. She’s Miranda Kerr. Below, her greatest hits from the past year.

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