PurseForum Roundup – 0723

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Balenciaga Yellow City Bag

Welcome to the unofficial start of summer in the US! In America, we traditionally ring in summer on Memorial Day, which falls on Monday, May 26th, this year. We have been looking forward to summer since Christmas, it seems! This week, signs of summer were everywhere – in Balenciaga, we found a particularly sunny yellow bag ready for summer. We also visited Home and Garden and some other designer destinations, so come on along and join us in this week’s PurseForum Roundup!

Purple Coach Bag

In Coach, LovingLV81′s reveal of new sunglasses reminded us that bags are not the only way to usher in summer, and LocaLady started off the new Lets Share Rainbows thread with colorful a bag lineup that has everybody talking.

Deep purple isn’t exactly a color of summer, but rose10′s new bucket bag is so on point with the season’s trend – and we love purple – so we could not resist! This lacquer blue Georgie fromfrivofrugalista certainly has a summer sky vibe, and we love this wearable style. May has been a busy month for our Official Coach Spring 2014 thread, too, so be sure to catch up on the styles in the boutiques at the moment.

Purple Decor

Roundup regulars know we love to visit the non-bag areas of the PurseForum and share glimpses into our members’ lives outside of their bag collections. This week, Home and Garden has been very busy, with discussions on every topic you could imagine. In the Newest Decor Items thread, we found this gorgeous shot of peaceonearth’s new throw, just one of the many stylish new purchases revealed over the last month.

We also have a lively NYC rents rant, a discussion on candle scents and a thought-provoking discussion on whether members are content with their current houses. Our Playground has something for everyone, including discussions of current events, the hottest TV shows and a popular forum dedicated to our pets – Animalicious.

Balenciaga Yellow City Bag

In Balenciaga, we stopped by the March/April purchases thread and found this cheery bag that has found a home with Dils. We also spotted a gorgeous new Day in a color Roundup readers will know made us swoon – congratulations to peachylv on this periwinkle beauty! Nothing says summer like a ripe tangerine, and gettinpurseonal showed off her new-to-her Balenciaga Day bags – two as-new bags for the price of one, an irresistible bargain.

Fellow lovers of purple will enjoy rainneday’s new raisin City; if a handy hip bag is more your thing, you will love this soft grey Hip from Heart Star. On another note, Balenciaga regulars are well versed in the strap connundrum – specifically, the difficulties associated with ordering custom straps from Balenciaga – and the topic regularly appears on page one of the Balenciaga subforum.

This week, however, the subject has taken a turn for the better as porscheNchanel shared herbrand new custom strap for her Arena Classic. We love how our PurseForum members help one another solve these nagging issues, and we love seeing their reveals even more.

Hermes Arm Party

We visited the Jay Strongwater charms thread in the Jewelry Box last month, and this week we see that plenty more charms have been added, so do stop by and see the growing collection – we found a favorite, have you? We also have an interesting new thread on jewelry myths and superstitions that makes for some fascinating reading.

Speaking of which, an evil eye bracelet takes center stage in this splendid stack fromCartierangel in the Layering and Stacking thread; the evil eye also has its own thread in case you are interested in more on this particular motif.

Ring Sketch and Final Product

In the Engagement Ring thread, we all had a lot of fun watching the progress of Chilean’scustom engagement ring creation for his upcoming proposal. Our members were generous with feedback during the process, and thrilled to see the final result. Now we are just waiting to hear how the proposal went (and waiting for our wedding invitations, of course).

Rebecca Minkoff In The Bag Coin Purse

We thought we would close out the Roundup with a couple of quick reveals around the PurseForum. In Rebecca Minkoff, we found Liyanamz’s very cute Cory Pouch in the May Purchases thread. RM fans have other styles and purchases on their minds, so feel free to come on over and see what they are up to.

Mulberry Del Rey Bag

In Mulberry, MetLen’s new aubergine Del Rey topped the charts, and for good reason. This pretty bag was not the only excitement in Mulberry, however – we also caught up with the Spring sale and reveals from aerihna and handbagahholic, among others.

Again, we wish you a very happy Friday, Roundup readers, and a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We hope you have time to visit with family and enjoy fine weather, wherever you are. We look forward to seeing you right here next week for another edition of the PurseForum Roundup!

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PurseForum Roundup – 0730

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Hermes Birkin Hero Image

Happy Friday, PurseForum Roundup readers!  We are finishing out May in high style as we visit Chanel and Hermès and share a few other choice reveals with you from around the PurseForum. We also wanted to catch you up with our Celebrity forum, which has been incredibly busy this week. Come on along with us for our last Roundup of May!  

Chanel Buckle

In Chanel this week, the Vintage Thread is back on top, and we enjoyed flipping through its virtual pages to see the terrific bags and bargains our members have found. Be sure to check outthis great find from Helen84, plus a magnificent caviar jumbo from psulion09. This thread makes for some interesting reading, and it’s wonderful to see the vintage bags finding new homes. By the way, December was a particularly excellent month for reveals, so be sure to click back if you are a fan of vintage Chanel.

Chanel Ballet Flats

Also in Chanel, MaryJoe84 shared a double reveal with us and included lovely shots of her new flats and bag. In another testament to the swiftness of time’s passage, the May Purchases thread is about to wrap up, so be sure and stop by – there are plenty of bags and accessories to covet.

Highlights include Luxi_max’s gorgeous fuchsia WOC (wallet on a chain), Nikki528′sbirthday gifts, and ChristChrist’s knockout metallic green Boy, a bag that is seriously not to be missed! Remember, our Chanel subforum is full of reference threads to help with a purchase – perhaps we will see YOUR new Chanel purchase in our June purchases thread!

Hermes Birkin and Scarf

It’s been a while since we visited the Scarf of the Day thread in Hermès, where the theme for each week is posted here and our members share their beautiful scarves and shawls accordingly.Birkinmary’s contribution to “The Oldest Scarf You Own” week earlier this month caught our eye – her splendid Birkin and stunning Le Clerc scarf from 1946 are absolutely a match made in heaven.

PursePassionLV revealed a new scarf and bags this week, and dessert1st also had quite a time revealing her new haul of orange boxes. If like us, you never tire of seeing bags in action, Hermes boasts quite a collection of action threads, including Socialites, Stars and Public figures,ladies and gents from Asia, and of course our very own members!    We have some more quick reveals for you this week – This is our chance to share the eyepopping goodies we find in our visits to the PurseForums huge selection of conversations.

David Yurman Bracelets

In the Jewelry Box, we found pinkny’s collection of David Yurman in the thread dedicated to this creative and accessible designer. While in the Jewelry Box, be sure to stop by the fascinating and friendly Jade Thread, and of course the Jewelry of the Day thread to see more of our members’ treasures in action.  

Saint Laurent Cabas

In Saint Laurent, angelxchild wasted no time in getting the wrapping off her new Cabas Tote,and what a perfect bag it is! The Arty Rings thread is still going strong, so if you are a fan of statement jewelry, drop in and see the latest acquisitions and modeling shots from our stylish members!

Christian Louboutin Cutout Pumps

In the Show off your New Shoes thread in Christian Louboutin, we spotted a summery pair of Duvettes in a pretty pairing of coral and ivory courtesy of sophe. Also in Louboutin, we have an interesting thread underway entitled “What would you have done differently” – this promising thread has some interesting observations from our seasoned shoppers, sure to help anyone dipping their toes into the CL waters for the first time.

 Dinner with a View

Our Celebrity subforums are among the busiest on the PurseForum. This week, Celebrity News and Gossip has been abuzz with, what else, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and their over-the-top nuptials. From the buildup in Paris to the wind-down in Ireland, our members have been following along and, of course, adding their own commentary to the worldwide press.

We are also breaking down the latest news on Will and Kate, Beyonce and Jay Z, Alexander Skarsgard and so many more. If you are in the mood for some celebrity dish, we have you covered! If you prefer style to gossip, we have a special subforum dedicated to Celebrity Style,where we have left no one out. And if we did, feel free to start a style thread for your favorite celebrity – there’s room for everyone! (Our accompanying photograph comes from thePlayground, courtesy of ninakt and the Random Picture thread.)

Well, that finishes up May, Roundup readers. We will see you right back here in June. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend and week ahead from all of us. We really appreciate you taking the time to visit us here at the PurseBlog, and look forward every Friday to sharing some of the great bags and interesting conversations happing over at the PurseForum! See you soon!

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What to wear in Summer Season, Street Style in July

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1 Chrissy-Teigen-Street-Style-2014 2
It is must be the hottest season in a year, and the month of July, we had been in the third week now. So what to wear in summer season in a fashion and elegant look? How to wear outfits and match handbags in the hot season to show your good figure? Street style celebrities in the third week in July features celebrities like Taylor Swift, Miranda Kerr and Kendall Jenner show their street style match online to give our advice to match in summer season.

Styles of the celebrities who stay chic and fashionable always manages to steal the attention, watch more fashion match also help you can find your own style in a chic look. Look at those photos, here are several different style match, like Taylor Swift in the hot pants with long white t-shirts as well as a beautiful handbags and heels nude color with very stylish. Just simple but classic match also very eye-catching. Want to keep yourself fashion, stay tuned to our website and visit our site to find more cheap lv bags to with your outfits.

1 Kendall-Jenner-Steet-Style-20141 Miranda-Kerr-Street-Style-2014 51 Paris-Hilton-Street-Style-2014 41 Taylor-Swift-Street-Style-2014 3

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Mens Louis Vuitton Monogram Porte-Documents Voyage Preview

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1 Mens Louis Vuitton Monogram Porte-Documents Voyage Preview 0

Even thought there is always rarely model and colorways Mens Louis Vuitton handbags be launched around us, but every one Louis Vuitton release the mens bags are looks classic and awesome. In the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Louis Vuitton design the trunk for the trophy, and here, we will introduced you some of latest new accessory fit for men who’re winners in spheres other than football – the new Louis Vuitton Porte-Documents Voyage(PDV) leather briefcase in monogram.

Even thought men don’t need so many of handbags for work or in life, but the new PDV Louis Vuitton briefcase still the best choice for men daily carry. It is aiming at appealing to the masculine urbanite who wants to stow-easy for his laptop and documents without having to compromise on exquisite Taurillon leather that’s soft and grained. There are available three colorways available like brown, blue and yellow which show on Paris Men’s Fashion Week. Want to know more mens louis vuitton bags update, our always available latest new lv bags sale for cheap!

1 Mens Louis Vuitton Monogram Porte-Documents Voyage Preview 11 Mens Louis Vuitton Monogram Porte-Documents Voyage Preview 21 Mens Louis Vuitton Monogram Porte-Documents Voyage Preview 3

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PurseForum Roundup – 0706

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Gucci Haul

It’s June! I know we have been ticking off the weeks since the dawn of the PurseForum Roundup, but it still seems unbelievable that it’s already June. This week, we dropped intoHome and Garden and the Wardrobe and found some sure signs of summer. We also stumbled upon several Gucci reveals and visited Make-Up and Beauty to see what our members have been bringing home. We hope you will join us as we bring you all of this and more!


Our Home and Garden subforum is always busy this time of year – our members are getting busy in their gardens and giving us all a peek at what they’re growing. We have lots of green thumbs on the PurseForum, and the Garden Photographs thread always has a lovely selection of beautiful shots they have generously shared with us. This week, Myrkur harvested some lavender, and Sweatpea83 showed off her basil, geraniums and coreopsis. 

There are quite a few new additions to the Things You Love Around Your Home thread, and if you are house hunting for your imaginary life, try the Most Expensive Homes in the U.S. thread for some fun. Elsewhere in the Playground, the Up To The Minute subforum has been extremely busy this week, so do drop in and join in the conversations on a wide range of today’s topics. We also have a special section dedicated to just Good News – a great place to relax and enjoy some uplifting and light fare.

Coach Bag

In Coach this week, one lucky member got a pair of Smythes in Rose Petal and Milk. So far our Coach members are loving both of KMiller_41′s bags, but she’s still considering her purchase. What do you think? Moolio showed off a gorgeous pair of Shawna heels, and frivofrugalistapicked up a stunning blue Georgie.

We are really loving the Coach leathers at the moment, and it seems our PurseForum members certainly share the sentiment. Sarah03 also posted a new bag, a delightful minty fresh duffle at a steal of a price. We found plenty of Non-Coach purchases in this special thread, too. our members have been very busy, so a hearty congratulations to all our happy Coachies who successfully shopped this week!

Chanel Pink Cosmetics

Make-up, Nail Care and The Beauty Bar “make up” our busy Make-Up and Beauty Forum. Nail Care has everything you need to know about prettying up your fingers and toes, including swatch threads for every brand imaginable.

In our Beauty Bar, the Recent Purchases thread showcases the latest goodies our members have scored at their favorite beauty haunts. This week, JA_UK shared her impressive Chanel haul, and Kailuagal let us have a peek at her Sephora bounty, which was equally impressive. There are swaps about to get underway, so be sure to check back into the Beauty Bar for theSwap Box and Random Act of Kindness reveal threads, coming soon.

Outfit Photo

We love to look in the Outfit of the Day threads (OOTD) in our designer forums, but particularly love peeking into the Wardrobe because anything goes in its OOTD thread. We loved this look for summer from our member EllaPretty and were also happy to stumble on chic willowslooking dapper in advance of his very special celebration. Also in the Wardrobe, a great conversation on sourcing linen dresses for summer tops the charts, right along with our Zarathread.

Giant Ring

Whether it applies to you or not, our Women of a Certain Age thread is absolutely not to be missed, and June has been incredibly busy, starting with this great photo from divanata. Our fashionable WOACAs are a lively bunch who love to share stories and inspirational outfits and accessories, making this thread one of the best on the Forum.

Gucci Haul

Reveals were the order of the day in Gucci at press time, so we thought we would share some of them, starting with this nice selection of purchases from StylegeekPrincessairie61 found lots of answers in the affirmative when she opened her thread with the question “Anyone Still Awake?” – we sure were and loved her quick reveal of sale sunnies and shoes.

The hottest topic in Gucci this week, of course, has been the sales, and the Sale Thread is bubbling over with excited members unwrapping their bargain finds, including PJMAC’s boots, shoes, bag and wallet.  Sariwoo got her very first Gucci this week, a classic tote that will undoubtedly get lots of use. We also wanted to congratulate More4Me, who selected a classic bamboo top for her first bag from Gucci.


Closing out this week, we wanted to share this lovely shot from our Animalicious subforum, from a thread intriguingly entitled “I’ve sold all my Louis.” Our members love purses, and so do we, but sometimes, as one of our members said in this very thread, “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.” Our most sincere congratulations to our lovely member Serina and her new riding partner, and we wish you many happy hours in the saddle!

Thank you for joining us for June’s first Roundup. We hope you summer is off to a great start, and appreciate that you chose to spend some time with us this week. We want to wish you a happy week ahead and a fantastic weekend. Next week you will find us right her ready with another collection of the PurseForum’s most interesting conversations. Happy Friday!

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Audrey Tautou Looks Adorable in Red Prada Sandals

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Audrey Tautou Prada Ankle Strap Sandals

Here’s actress Audrey Tautou, looking exceedingly French and adorable at the New York premiere of her new film, Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo. Her bright red heels are the Prada Ankle Strap Sandals, from Prada’s latest season. Audrey also wore these same Pradas to the premiere of Emma Stone’s new movie earlier this week. You can get a similar style of Pradasandals in blue patent leathe.

Audrey Tatou fans may be surprised to learn that Amelie, one of my all-time favorite films (and probably yours too), came out a whopping thirteen years ago. Mood Indigo looks to be another French film in a similar vein, and it might just make your summer. Or, at the very least, it might provide the whimsical French antidote to the eternal downer that was The Fault in Our Stars. Fingers crossed.

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