Heidi Klum goes shopping with her beau and her Michael Kors bag

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Heidi Klum carries a Michael Kors Miranda Tote in yellow. (3)

Heidi Klum was recently spotted carrying a Michael Kors Miranda Bag while out with her bodyguard/boyfriend Martin Kristen in NYC. Here they are coming out of the Louis Vuitton store in Soho, which now boasts a brand new Atelier. Her towering pumps are, of course, the Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps. The Miranda is an interesting bag – two top flaps fold over to form a solid rectangle shape, and everything stays secure with a sort of bolo-esque tie closure. It’s not super obvious here, but this bag also has the teensiest of flared gussets. 

It’s not too terribly surprising that Heidi carries a good bit of Michael Kors, given the professional relationship they built over the course of 10 seasons together on Project Runway. In case you weren’t aware, Michael left the show at the end of 2012, and was replaced by Zac Posen for the January 2013 cycle of PR. Heidi is by all reports still playing host and judge, though there were a lot or rumors she wouldn’t return after accepting her gig on America’s Got Talent.

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Alessandra Ambrosio is the Latest Fan of the MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Bag

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Alessandra Ambrosio carries a neon yellow MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Messenger Bag (5)

Here’s the effortlessly beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio, playing the part of supermodel mommy in LA, carrying a MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Messenger in neon yellow. We featured fellow supermodel mama Miranda Kerr with the exact same bag in our recent post“The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr, Part 2″, and we’ve also spotted Twilight actress Ashley Greene carrying the tote version. You can get a more trend-proof black version of the Selma for $228 at Nordstrom. (I feel the need to reiterate that that was NOT a typo, the bag is, in all seriousness, $228.)

We’ve waxed on extensively about what a ridiculously good buy this bag is – less so in a neon yellow or pink shade, perhaps, but a Selma in a more neutral tone will certainly be in rotation for several seasons. It’s strangely disorienting to see so many celebs carrying a bag that even a humble freelance writer such as myself could actually afford. All I need now is a pair of DIY Daisy Dukes and a toddler in a fedora!

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Jessica Alba Loves Her Michael Kors Miranda Tote

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Jessica Alba carries a black and white Michael Kors Miranda Tote in LA (5)

The Michael Kors Miranda Tote has been a particular fave with celebs this year – Megs first noticed this MK bag was gaining steam back in March, and we’ve seen select celebs like Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba put their Mirandas in permanent rotation since then. Here’s Jessica headed to her office in Santa Monica, carrying a very striking black and white Michael Kors Miranda Tote with quilted flared gussets. There’s still plenty of time to capitalize on this MK trend – you can purchase an extremely chic, all-black Miranda for $1,195 at Michael Kors.

Of course, if the Miranda is a little out of your budget, you’d be wise to check out the MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Satchel, another bag that’s much beloved by celebs this summer. It can be had for a mere $358 at Nordstrom. Need even more celeb handbag inspiration? Allow us to give you the full tour of Jessica Alba’s extensive designer handbag collection via “The Many Bags of Jessica Alba.”

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WhatsInYourKors Takes Ibiza By Storm With A Bag Of Party Essentials

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MICHAEL Michael Kors Multifunction iPhone 5 Case

We’re getting toward the end of July, and that means one thing: one more solid month to make the most of getaway season and make some summertime memories with your best friends. Ourprevious adventure with Michael Kors was close to home, but to cap off the season, we’ve got our eyes (and our Michael Kors bags) trained to Ibiza, the party capital of the world. For our latest edition of #WhatsInYourKors, we’ve embodied the jet-set spirit with a party bag full of essentials.

A clutch is great and all, but for a serious party like those that you’ll encounter on Ibiza, you’re going to want something with a strap so that you can dance the night away. That’s why we chose the MICHAEL Michael Kors Sloan Quilted Shoulder Bag, which strikes the perfect balance between glamour and function. To the look we’ve added a slick pair of gunmetal-toned Michael Kors aviators, which you’ll need if the sun’s coming up when you’re leaving the club, plus a little bit of bling, starting with a signature Michael Kors watch. Check out our bag full of party pieces, plus don’t forget to tweet and Instagram your own night-out essentials using our hashtag: #WhatsInYourKors. We can’t wait to see.

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A Wedding with the Sex and the City Vivienne Westwood Dress

Bride leaning on groom's shoulder

Do you remember Carrie Bradshaw’s Vivienne Westwood wedding dress from the first Sex and The City movie? Of course you do. Well today we are featuring the fabulous wedding of super cool couple Sashy and Dashy, photographed by Anna Hardy Photography, and Sashy wore the Vivienne Westwood dress.

We love everything about this wedding, from the amazing dress (of course) to the beautiful brooch wedding bouquet, the male ‘flower girls’ in shorts to the abundance of gold.

We know you’ll love this week’s fun and quirky real wedding.

“My mum and I have always loved over-the-top gold gilt, so when planning there was an obvious golden finish to almost everything! As our wedding was at the Crab & Lobster, a venue that is already so beautifully decorated, there was a slightly nautical feel throughout. All our stationery had anchors on and the favours were displayed in scallop shells that we’d spray painted gold, to give a more glamorous Louis XV feel.

“The main inspiration for the wedding was the outfits I had picked out. I’m a big collector of Vivienne Westwood clothes so I was excited to dress my bridal party up in them! I actually fell in love with the gown I wore when I was just 17 years old, so the first thing I did, before even proposing to Dashy, was buy the dress! The shape of the hemline on the dress reminded me of a scallop shell, which seemed to work so well with the venue. The print on the bridesmaid dresses is Westwood’s iconic Salon Print, a photograph of the opulent interior of a stately home. The print worked as a beautiful colour palette and inspiration for all things gold gilt!”

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Most Popular Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Speedy Bags Preview Of Years

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Louis Vuitton Speedy Bags

Even thought, every year, Louis Vuitton will launch a set of new fashion handbags collection but some of classic model bag always launch every year, and they are always very popular and hot, like Speedy LV bags. Here, we list few most popular limited edition lv speedy bags of years below, take a view and tell us which one you had been hold on hand and which one you want to cop.available a chance to grab them in such nice price!

Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2012


The Louis Vuitton Denim Speedy Round bag first launched during the Spring/Summer 2012 show, it is actually different the original speedy bags, looks unique but keep the classic speedy shape which features leather edges and denim toile monogram print.

Louis Vuitton Fall / Winter 2007

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2007 speedy bags

In Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2007 collection,we first view the limited edition Louis Vuitton Mirage Speedy 30 bag. Features in classic Monogram Canvas materilas in a unique faded red hue to the exterior.


Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2006


This colorful LV Multicolore Speedy 25tbag with tassels and iconic Lois Vuitton keychains appeared on the Spring Summer 2006 runqay in a tote variation. It is looks bright which perfect carry in summer season.

Louis Vuitton Fall / Winter 2012


The Stephen Sprouse Leopard Print LV Speedy 30 handbags launched on Fall Winter 2012 Louis Vuitton Collection, first view in on the runway which made of a soft textured fabric although on the runway in a larger form with textured fur material.

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