Céline Phantom Cut Outs, Canvas, and Calfskins

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Hooray for Phantoms!medium-luggage-phantom-handbag-in-kohl-baby-grained-calfskin

Phantoms are always on my paranoid list – fearing it might disappear altogether. Because they feel a bit dated. And mostly because I feel I’m the last one to still not have one, and I still haven’t gotten over it while everyone else seems to have gotten tired of it.medium-luggage-phantom-handbag-in-white-baby-grained-calfskin

Is it over staying the catalogue of Céline? I hope not. When we see something like the gray pebbled calfskin with blue edges, and the white grained calfskin with red piping, there’s so much optimism to look forward to on Summer 2017.


The collection of Phantoms for Summer 2017 is quite similar to the older set we saw for Spring 2017. And I always question two things: why have cutouts? And why have canvas?medium-luggage-phantom-handbag-in-yellow-washed-canvas

For the prices they sell them for, one should only deserve to get a full leather treatment. Phantoms might never feel like a beach bag. It will always feel like a day bag to me.

Are you tired of them by now? Sound off in the comments!

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