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If Black Window had an accessory to boot during The Avengers film, the Charlotte Olympia Jones Tote Bag would be it. Stylishly crafted in embossed black calf leather with a sexy round silhouette, this one is stylish enough to bring with you anywhere you go.

Its chic round design gives it a retro vintage mood feel while the reptile-effect finish adds an exotic twist to it. With its spacious interior where you can fit anything inside it whether it be your makeup essentials, phone, keys, and even a book, this Charlotte Olympia Jones Tote Bag is a perfect travel companion. And if that’s not enough to make you gaga, its handy shoulder strap is convenient enough to use when you don’t feel like carrying it by the hand.

This black beauty right here also has an internal slot pocket and a mirrored interior which comes in handy during classic touch ups. It also has a trendy push-clasp fastening for easy access.

Measuring 13.5” x 14” x 5.5” (H x W x D) inches and is priced $2595 USD, €1995 euro, $2939 AUD, $20300 HKD, ¥376000 JPY via MyTheresa.




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Enough of the ‘classic’ and ‘iconic’ handbags, let’s talk about modern bags – bags that are fun, playful and no-guilt. And when talking about modernized handbags, it doesn’t get better than the Charlotte Olympia Hatchtag Clutch Bag.

Facebook is not dominating the planet and Instagram is not the most used app, the winner is actually Hatchtags, they are everywhere. The young as well as the old are using it and they’re addicted to it. Hatchtags are now a normal thing like brushing your teeth in the morning, right?

Charlotte Olympia has done it again. This is a gorgeous clutch bag in black with Hatchtag crafted in golden hardware, making it standout from the crowd. This bag is a great conversation starter. But let’s get into the details:

On the top of the Hatchtag, Charlotte Olympia put a little diamond-like crystal there, which is shiny, but not too much. It adds a bit of chicness and femininity to the bag. On the bottom, Charlotte Olympia engraved their signature on it, just beautiful.

The interior features a golden zipped pouch; store all your evening essentials inside. Measuring 0.5’ x 7.5’ x 1.5’ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $1161 USD, €995 euro, $8370 HKD, $1469 AUD, ¥129500 JPY, via Mytheresa.




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Are you one of those women who adore their cute fur ball feline pets? If yes, you might dote on Charlotte Olympia’s Feline Backpack. It’s so cute and eye-catching that we want to take it home ASAP with us! And yes, it makes us feel like a total Cat woman whenever we wear this cutesy backpack either at the subway, at the mall or at the park.

Alright, let’s take a closer look and see if it’s really worth your time, attention and money. It is sporting buffed black leather with adjustable leather and chain shoulder straps with pin-buckle fastening. It is multi-functional for you can wear it as a backpack or as a handbag.

The signature cat plaque at face and throat and its logo stamp in gold-tone at back face win our hearts. This was the total make or break and it definitely made our day. You can pair it over your favorite casual ensembles of jeans, sneakers and sweaters. Trust us, you’ll look like a sweetheart with this backpack.






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Some people say that Charlotte Olympia either got it right or not, but when they hit on the right spot, it’s will be on the bullseye. You see, their designs are enormously creative, made from great quality and sometimes its like they are inspired by fairytale story.

Allow me to explain what I mean, have you read the Charlotte Kitty & Co. Collection yet? It’s their newest kitty shoe line. TheCharlotte Olympia Pandora Royal Clutch is a princess bag inspired on the story of snow white. Or the super cute Tiny Luggage Bag. Charlotte take us back to where we belong, the world of fantasy, where they are no limitations, just like fashion.

One of Charlotte’s latest creations is the Chastity Clutch bag in gold. It’s a super cute clutch that will melt with your white dress for the night outs. It features a heart in the center with a lock and the brand’s signature ‘Charlotte Olympia’ is printed on the top. Its basically kind-of a lock, an oversized padlock and it comes with a chain strap.

Measuring 6,5’ x 6’ x 1,5’ (W x H x D) inches.



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Bon Voyage! Charlotte Olympia British Navy Passport Pouch

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Designer Charlotte Olympia Passport Pouch Purse

There are so many great accessories out there for the globetrotting trendy bagista. You can find everything from designer luggage to toiletry kits to passport cases, available from some of our favorite handbag designers. I think we can all agree, there is nothing more iconic than a Louis Vuitton suitcase making its way through an airport. Then there’s handbag designer Charlotte Olympia, who has a slightly different take on this. Instead of accessories specifically designated for jetset travel, this designer has accessories inspired by travel. You know that care-free feeling you get when traveling to an exotic locale? Well, Charlotte Olympia managed to incorporate that feeling into an adorable pouch clutch! Meet theCharlotte Olympia British Passport Pouch! It’s perfect for on-the-go summer adventures.

The lovely Charlotte Olympia British Passport Pouch features a vintage-inspired logo make to look like a passport emblem. If you look closely, you will see Charlotte Olympia in the banner near the bottom and a signature spider web in the center. Above the logo, Bon Voyage is written in cursive. I love both the playfulness in the logo and the simplicity of the pouch design. It even has a handle cut-out on one end so it can be carried more effectively as a clutch! And the interior features some credit card slots to make life a little less complicated. Overall, this is a cute clutch that would be great for a variety of non-travel-related occasions.

Charlotte Olympia Passport Bag
Never cross a border without Bon Voyage in your bag. This zip-up passport pouch features a playful Charlotte Olympia rendition of the vintage British passport cover.

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Canine Companion: Charlotte Olympia Axel Gold Plated Dachshund Clutch

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Handbag Designer Charlotte Olympia Axel Gold Plated Dachshund Clutch Bag

Charlotte Olympia always has the most adorable (and unique) clutches. I have written about so many clutches by this designer, I have begun to lose track of them all. Then today when I saw this gold Dachshund bag you see here by the designer I just couldn’t resist.

Dachshund? Yes, please! I love weenie dogs. In fact, I own one and she is probably the best dog ever. So, of course, I love the mere thought of a dachshund clutch! This one by Charlotte Olympia is just perfect too. It is molded from brass and plated in gold. The piece is finished with Swarovski crystal eyes and a red satin bow collar. The dachshund appears to be the long haired variety, judging by the lines on the sides and the full looking tail. He is definitely a cute little character. His tilted head and large eyes give him a lot of charm. This whimsical clutch would certainly make a great novelty item for those occasions where a clutch that isn’t shaped like a dachshund simply wouldn’t fit the bill.

The Charlotte Olympia Axel Gold Plated Dachshund Clutch is available at Net-a-Porter

Charlotte Olympia Axel Gold Plated Dachshund Clutch 
No look is complete without a canine companion at your side. Carry it by the optional chain strap to add a touch of whimsy to evening outfits.

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