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Oh oh!! Look at these lovely little charms from Celine. Celine is now offering charms to the fashion world. These charms can be attached to your bags and mind you, more and more Fashion Designers are doing the same thing. And it’s a trend right now! Look at Fendi’s little monster charms, Chanel’s CC Charms as well as Hermes’s Clochette Narcisse Charms. They are made to personalize your bag, add some character to it, don’t you want that?

tTke a closer look at these two Celine fur charms in shiny smooth calfskin which comes in two colors: grey and black. If you zoom in, you’ll notice that aside from the genuine calfskin, what is apparent is the fur. The grey one looks more fun with its blue and red fur color while the black one comes in black fur.

Add these little trinkets on your favorite bags and they’ll surely spicy things up.

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3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Circle Leather Clutch

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Phillip Lim celebrated the 10th anniversary of his numerically tweaked eponymous label over New York Fashion Week. With a Spring ’16 collection that’s equal parts sporty, streetwise, and feminine, and all parts fresh and modern, to say the designer has hit his stride is an understatement. And with bags like this, of course, he proves he is going stronger than ever.

As an innate trendsetter who’s never one to play the role of follower, Phillip has a keen sense of what’s right now. By the time others catch up, he’s already over it. That’s why we should always look to him when we crave something that’s ahead of the curve yet thoroughly wearable. Like this rounded, stitched-up little clutch that will inspire you to change it up. This may be a glorified coin purse, but it’s one that’s worth every penny. The handle reads like modern art, the details couldn’t be cooler, and when you carry it, the result is instant edginess with a sense of whimsy. 3.1 Phillip Lim bag 

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