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Dior introduced the Diorever tote bag not too long ago and this time around they’re sealing the deal by coming up with their newest Diorever Handle Bag. A perfect daily go-to bag, the Diorever Handle Bag is everything you could ask for.

Aesthetically wise, the Diorever Handle Bag is truly a beauty and all the elements are mirroring the Diorever Tote Bag. Like the Dior signature crest-shaped clasp that makes a bold and contemporary statement, perfect in defining the modern cosmopolitan woman. And the two rounded studs, which finalizes the signature of the Diorever Collection.

When it comes to size, the Diorever Handle Bag is smaller in size and is in a square-type structure. It is handy and compact enough to bring anywhere whether it be on a quick Saturday lunch out or on a Sunday tea party with your girlfriends.

Prices and sizes are still unknown but we’ll keep you updated.

Diorever Handle Bag: €1800 euro
Diorever Handle Python Bag: €2700 euro



Pictures courtesy of: More Diorever Bags And Accessories



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Whoever thought owning a wallet could be this beautiful? Ladies, we are talking about Diorever Croisiere Wallet With Chain. Its gorgeous color combination makes us fall in love with it. Hats off to Dior since we never would have imagined that blue, dark green, orange, and pink could give such a lovely color combination.

Inspired with cutting-edge urban attitude, the “Diorever” line is both classic and timeless. The Croisiere wallet in blue and dark green smooth calfskin with orange and pink details is made all the more glamorous thanks to Dior’s iconic light gold crest-shaped clasp.

Compared with other wallets, this one has a spacious size and long chain thus making it an ideal go-to partner, combining practicality with refinement. Besides, you can wear this beauty either in the hand, on the shoulder or across the body.

Looking inside, it features a large interior compartment, 12 card slots, 2 flat pockets, 1 zipped pocket, and 1 removable 120 cm chain. Measuring 21 x 11 cm, priced at €870 euro, £790 GBP, ₩1400000 WON via Dior boutiques.



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Dior forever.

Such a beautiful and the Diorever is such a beautiful bag.

Now, after the Dior Turn Me Dior Envolee Wallet, Diorissimo Envolee Wallet and the Miss Dior Envolee Wallet, it’s time for the Diorever to bring their own Envolee Wallet in the fashion world.

So you might want to know, what is the biggest difference between the Diorever version and the others? Well the shape and the interior are quite alike, however the design is completely difference.

For example, the Miss Dior Envolee Wallet is created with ‘Cannage Stitching’, because that’s what the Miss Dior Collection is known for. It also features the iconic Dior Clasp, just beautiful.

The Diorever Envolee Wallet is obvious inspired by the Diorever Bag. For example, the smooth leather, the crest-shaped clasp and the two vivid dots on both sides of the front flap.

What makes your world perfect, is when you slip a Diorever Envolee Wallet into your Diorever Bag. Or when you put a Diorissimo Envolee Wallet inside your Diorissimo Tote Bag.

The Diorever Envolee Wallet comes with 6 card slots, 2 flat pockets, 1 zipped pocket and 1 bifold compartment. So there is more than enough space for all your essentials.

Measuring 11.5’ x 10 cm, priced at €490 euro, £440 GBP, ₩790,000 KRW in Dior boutiques.






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You guess it right. Jennifer Lawrence is once again the face of the newest Dior for its Fall Winter 2016 Ad Campaign. The campaign was taken through the lens of Dior’s longtime collaborator Patrick Demarchelier in a New York photo studio. And oh, the girl is on fire with ready-to-wear apparels while strutting and carrying Diorever bags in bold colors and metallics.

The Diorever Bag is not new as it was already released not a long time ago, but for the Fall Winter 2016 Campaign, the bag is seen sporting new colors and materials and we couldn’t be any happier and excited.

Imbued with cutting-edge urban attitude, the Diorever Bag is the new Dior tote. It comes with a reversible flap and metallic colors thus embodying a strong and bold character, which is descriptive of a contemporary Dior woman. And oh, we are absolutely smitten with the crest-shaped clasp that also makes a powerful statement!

We couldn’t wait to get our hands once these bags come off fresh from the Dior oven!









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Diorever: A Bag Forever

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* With its multi-functional flap and air of ladylike sophistication, the new Diorever is the must-have bag of the season.

Amidst rumors swirling about Jonathan Saunders for Dior, along with speculations of many other possibilities for a new creative director, one thing is clear: the brand is always stronger than the man. And when the brand is great, the brand will go on! This fact is evidenced by the newly launched Diorever bag, a modern take on the classic structured handbag. I’ll be getting the bag this week at the Dallas launch – and I can’t wait!

Made of durable bullcalf leather, its high-tech magnetic closure flap is multi-functional. Style it tucked into the bag for open-handle ease or folded over for more ladylike appeal. Released in time for the house’s Summer ’16 collection, the obvious choice is powerful black, but it also comes in fresh shades like fluorescent goji pink, peach orange, or lemon yellow. The range doesn’t stop there. Choose among Yves Klein blue, cherry pink, neutral tapioca, or Pacific blue suede, as well as three hues of crinkled metallic lambskin. But just try not to be tempted by the crocodile editions: Hand-painted white croc? It’s almost too much to handle.

Whatever the skin and color, this bag strikes the highest level of current-day sophistication, especially for someone like me, who collects vintage DIOR Haute Couture, including the original Bar suit from the ’50s. Of all the luxury brands out there, Dior has a genuine pulse on what it means to merge the old with the new, without resorting to stickers, fuzzy balls, or furry animals. Dior is forever, and Diorever is my must-have bag of the season. Available in mini 20cm, $3,000; medium 30cm, $3,400; and large 35cm, $3,900, at Dior. Certain skins, like crocodile (priced higher, of course), are only available in boutiques.

DioreverAll buttoned up.

DioreverThe flap is easily opened…

Diorever…And tucked away via double magnetic closures on the back! GENIUS!




DioreverThis is how I like carrying mine. What do you think of the new Diorever bag?

Dior Diorever Bag

Dior Diorever Bag

Dior Diorever Bag

Dior Diorever Bag

Dior Diorever Bag

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What’s the rave all about with the newest Mini Diorever Bag? Aside from the fact that it is the mini-me and cuter version of the Diorever bag, what’s more appealing to us is that it comes in different shades that could suit your personality.

In this photo, 4 different shades of the Mini Diorever Bag is on display: classic black, bright-hued blue, playful yellow and light-toned pink. The classic black color is perfect for corporate women since it adds in-depth style to your everyday office ensemble. The bright-hued blue on the other hand stands out especially if you wear that favorite white dress of yours. The playful yellow color on the other hand add a splash of color to your monochromatic clothes while the light-toned pink adds a touch of femininity and sophistication. We sure bet it’s fun and refreshing to see these colorful bags outside while women proudly carry them on their hands. Well it might be safe to say that the Dior Fever is finally on!




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