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It's time to show off your manicure in Candela's strappy sandalsIt’s time to show off your pedicure in Candela’s strappy sandals

As the weather warms up, it’s always a great time to show off your pedicure. And when it comes to sandals, Candela has the right idea with a lightweight and playful style. The Strappy Satin Sandal comes with ribbon-like satin in a neutral, khaki hue. For a comfortable fit, these shoes also feature an adjustable belt detail. A leather insole brings a luxe touch to this already stylish sandal. Wear with a cute minidressor denim shorts for the perfect warm weather look.


Get ready for summer in these Candela sandalsGet ready for summer in these Candela sandalsCandela's Strappy Satin Sandals feature an adjustable buckleCandela’s Strappy Satin Sandals feature an adjustable buckle

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A Brief Of History Of Designer Sandals

Sandals are an item of clothing that have been around almost as long as civilisation itself, archeological findings have discovered evidence of sandals up to 10,000 years ago, discovered in Oregon, Fort Rock Cave. Primitive in design and construction, they still showed the beginning of the well known sandal design, boasting a woven fabric to hold the toe area in place.

Throughout the spread of the human race over the coming thousands of years, sandal findings were climbing, with that we can observe advancement in design, with additions such as fur lining, animal hide, platformed wedged heels and even jewels added to brighten up an otherwise functional item of footwear.

From these early beginnings, these simple yet effective shoes have left their mark throughout history and across all parts of the globe. One area with a large significance is the ancient Egyptian period, showing strong appeal to the sandal. The Pharaoh Narmer, famed for unifying Egypt and becoming the founder of the First Dynasty, to a lesser extent is famed for his love of sandals.

Wall paintings depicting the Egyptian King show first evidence of the importance of sandals across Egypt. The image of Narmer is shown followed closely by his sandals bearer, ensuring he never has the shoes far away. They would even be left in pride of place upon his throne on his absence. Even the bearer themselves were held in high regard.

Sandals were definitely a sign of a high status amongst the Egyptian people, with only the top of society deemed successful or powerful enough to wear them. As an example, Tutankhamun was buried with no fewer than 42 pairs of his favourite sandals.


From this high beginning, sandals have had a very fruitful and popular life, spreading across the globe. Countries such as Japan, China and even South America fell in love with the simple sandal. The Greeks were once such a country who placed great stock in these shoes, manufacturing a vast amount of different footwear, including of course many varieties of sandal. Unfortunately there is limited amount of actual physical evidence of Greek footwear. However, the Greeks to their credit created a large amount of artwork to back up their creations, these have luckily survived through the ages.

Of course in time, the Romans famously invaded Greece, overtaking their land and enslaving their people, during this occupation the Roman People began to adopt many of their customs, including the wearing of sandals. It wasn’t long before the allure reached their homeland, eventually even the top echelons of Rome saw the beauty in the footwear.

The Roman’s even coined their own variation of the name, in Latin tongue ‘Sandalium’. During the rise of the Empire, the popularity of the humble sandal rose. Colour for example was used to determine social status of the wearer, red was used exclusively for Emperors. Julius Caesar had a special red and purple design specially reserved for him and his children.

Despite the popularity of sandals, there was still a status quo to be upheld, one such unwritten rule was that they were preferred to be worn indoors, stepping outside with them would alert others that you were in the depths of poverty. The Romans were some of the early designers of incredibly elaborate designed sandals, a sign of the start of their infamous decadent lifestyle.

Even the Emperor Nero had a fondness for sandals, the Nero who nearly single handedly was responsible for the demise of the Roman Empire with his extravagant spending. The infamous ruler’s lavishness even spread to the sandal design, with stunning silver pairs crafted for himself. His wife’s design was even more elaborate, a poured gold base encrusted with the rarest jewels. Due to Rome’s dominance across Europe, the popularity of sandals spread to all their occupied countries, leaving their mark across multiple lands. However, once Rome fell, and their grip was released from Europe, the sandals phenomenon almost simultaneously began to decline. For much of the following centuries, sandal wearing was almost non-existent in Europe.

sandals_goldTowards the late 1800’s the French designers looked back upon ancient fashions, one such inspiration that caught their interest was of course the forgotten sandal, giving them a much needed lease of life. But it wasn’t till the early 20th century that sandals became popular once again, harking back to their heyday during the Roman Empire.

The revival can be pinpointed down to the cinemas fascination with movies based on Biblical stories. Thousands of sandals were created for the huge numbers of cast members, with the top actresses in particular choosing to wear them off set. This led to fans wanting to follow suit and donning similar footwear. One designer at the forefront of sandal design during this period was Salvatore Ferragamo, who introduced new designs such as the heeled wedge and peekaboo style. With the heeled variety in particular being associated with the popular pin up girls of the time.


Throughout the course of the 1900’s sandal production steadily increased into the millions, largely in part to the new interest in cheap plastic manufacturing. The 60’s introduced us to what was to be known as the ‘Jesus’ sandal. Simple yet practical with a leather v-strap or toe ring, these were particularly popular with the hippie movement of the day. The following decade, their was a sudden interest in foot health and comfort. This gave rise to the famous Birkenstocks, allowing freedom of movement and much better support than previously possible.

In recent years, sandals have become even more accepted for day to day wear, it’s not uncommon to see fashionistas and off duty catwalk models stepping out in fashionable sandals. A definite turning point was when the simple shoe with the humble beginning graced the pages of that illustrious magazine, Vogue. Since, fashion houses everywhere having been feverishly creating interesting designs each successive season in time for summer.

For more in depth information into the fascinating history of sandals, check out fashion history love to know and all about shoes

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Net-a-Porter Now Up to 60% Off: 7 Sandals On Sale

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Isabel Marant Alois Tasseled Leather Trimmed Suede Sandals $450 (was $750)Isabel Marant Alois Tasseled Leather Trimmed Suede Sandals

Net-a-Porter’s major spring-summer 2016 sale is getting even better with styles now going up to 60% off. We rounded up seven designer sandals from the sale ranging from platforms to heels with studded and tasseled embellishments. See our picks featuring the designs of Isabel Marant, Lanvin, Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti and more below. 

Lanvin Embellished Leather Platform Sandals $831 (was $1,385)Lanvin Embellished Leather Platform SandalsGiuseppe Zanotti Metallic Leather Sandals $400 (was $1,000)Giuseppe Zanotti Metallic Leather SandalsAquazzura Issa Suede Leather Platform Sandals $318 (was $795)Aquazzura Issa Suede Leather Platform SandalsJimmy Choo Minny Leather Sandals $525 (was $750)Jimmy Choo Minny Leather SandalsGianvito Rossi Suede Platform Sandals $413 (was $825)Gianvito Rossi Suede Platform SandalsMichael Kors Summer Leather Espadrille Platform Sandals $140 (was $350)Michael Kors Summer Leather Espadrille Platform Sandals

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Steve Madden Spotlights Sandals for ‘Summer Daze’ Lookbook

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Steve Madden Glitter Carrson SandalSteve Madden Glitter Carrson Sandal

The sandal season is heating up thanks to Steve Madden’s recent lookbook called, ‘Summer Daze’. Photographed at the beach, models Anabel Krasnotsvetova, Lary Muller, Diego Villarreal and Justin Barnhill celebrate east coast living with footwear ranging from platform wedges to strappy heels and gladiator styles. The Steve Madden girl pairs her stylish sandals with biker jackets or colorful one-pieces.

Steve Madden Trending Stiletto SandalsSteve Madden Trending Stiletto SandalsSteve Madden Veruca Strappy PumpsSteve Madden Veruca Strappy PumpsSteve Madden Lorraine Gladiator SandalSteve Madden Lorraine Gladiator Sandal Steve Madden Kalesi Platform SandalsSteve Madden Kalesi Platform SandalsSteve Madden Plmbeach Ankle-Wrap WedgesSteve Madden Plmbeach Ankle-Wrap WedgesSteve Madden Drexton Peep Toe StilettoSteve Madden Drexton Peep Toe Stiletto

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5 Fashion Tips For Choosing The Right Sandals This Summer

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St. John's Bay Loretta Wedges from JCPenney

St. John’s Bay Loretta Wedges from JCPenney

Now that summertime is upon us, the sandal season is here, too! They’re one of the most comfortable footwear options you can imagine while remaining a fantastic fashion item. When you are looking for the perfect pair of sandals for any occasion, be sure to consult this helpful guide for selecting the best ones. It can also help if you avoid being stuck with one pair of those for every outfit – they’re very versatile, but still, having choice is important. Don’t forget to check out coupons for such stores as JCPenney or Kohl’s, and many more, to shop on a discount. And now let’s take a look at some tips that will let you stay not only comfortable but also super fashionable this summer!

1. Heading To The Beach

When you are getting ready for a day at the beach, it is important to choose a pair of sandals that are comfortable and can be removed with relative ease. The main objective of your beach sandals is to keep your feet protected from hot sand and random debris. The trick is to choose a pair that is cheap enough to be replaced if need be, while remaining strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of the water and sand.

2. Pairing Them With a Knit Dress

One of the best parts of the summer season is getting to pull your knit dresses out of the closet and pair them with the right pair of sandals. If you are planning on doing a fair amount of walking, then it is best to choose ones that are flat and provide you with plenty of arch support. In need of a dressier option? Gladiator sandals with a T-strap work wonders!

Forever 21 Crisscross Faux Suede SandalsForever 21 Crisscross Faux Suede Sandals
3. What About My Little Black Dress?

The little black dress is a common staple of every female’s wardrobe and for good reason. This is a great time to pull out those four inch heels with the straps out of your closet and the best part about wearing a black dress is that you can choose any color that tickles your fancy. Whether its stiletto, platform or wedge, the little black dress allows you to keep all of your options open!

4. Rocking Sandals With Jeans

Since jeans are amazingly versatile and can be worn to just about any function, they become especially useful during the summertime. For dressier jeans, the gladiator sandal or the T-strap works best, while casual occasions call for flip flop or cork sole wedges. Wedge heels are great for keeping the hem of your jeans off the ground and avoiding unnecessary wear and tear.

Juicy Couture T-Strap Sandals from Kohl'sJuicy Couture T-Strap Sandals from Kohl’s
5. Maximizing Comfort

While shoes will hurt the feet as they are being broken in, they shouldn’t be causing blisters. Don’t purchase a pair of sandals that cause immediate pain. Arch support is important, as well as choosing straps that are properly placed. Be sure to select a pair of sandals that is the correct size and don’t ever wear a pair of heels that are far too high for the occasion.

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Birkenstock Arizona Birko Flor Sandal $99.95Birkenstock ‘Arizona’ Birko Flor Sandal

With temperatures heating up, now is as a good a time as ever to shop for a pair (or two) of sandals. But what if you are shopping on a budget? Don’t break the bank with our selection of ten sandals all available for under $100. From hippie inspired fringe to classic Birkenstock sandals, we rounded up affordable sandal styles from fashion’s top names. Check them all out below.

Topshop Dart Block Heel Sandal $48.00Topshop ‘Dart’ Block Heel SandalSam Edelman Gemma Lace-up Sandal $99.95Sam Edelman ‘Gemma’ Lace-up SandalKate Spade Idreena Slide Sandal $98.00Kate Spade ‘Idreena’ Slide SandalTOMS Lexie Sandal $58.95TOMS ‘Lexie’ SandalVince Camuto Syndia Sandal $99.95Vince Camuto ‘Syndia’ SandalTopshop Holly Lace-Up Sandal $35.00Topshop ‘Holly’ Lace-Up SandalSam Edelman Georgette Sandal $59.95Sam Edelman ‘Georgette’ SandalLucky Brand Jorey Wedge Sandal $78.95Lucky Brand ‘Jorey’ Wedge SandalTophop Hipster Lace-up Sandal $48.00Tophop ‘Hipster’ Lace-up Sandal

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