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For Dior lovers out there, this bag is definitely one for the books with its scene-stealing fluorescent orange color. An exact new definition of urban attitude, this trendy mini Dior bag is perfect for the modern-day bellas.

For those confused, this is not the Dior Mini Be Dior Bag, but we talk about that more later…

With its stylish silhouette that is both supple and structured, no wonder the Dior Mini Dior Satchel Bag can be your next go-to everyday bag. We especially adore its bright and attention-grabbing color, which is a perfect match to your monochromatic black or white ensemble and even your flirty floral or printed dresses and jumpsuits.

Made from genuine bullcalf leather with matching shiny jewellery, this bag is an undeniable epitome of elegance and beauty. It also features an adjustable strap thus it can be carried in five ways either as cross body, shoulder, hand, arm, or as a clutch.


Dior Mini Be Dior Satchel Bag (left) vs Dior Mini Be Dior Bag (right)

And if you’re thinking it quite resembles the Dior Mini Be Dior Bag you might be correct, but if you pay closely pay attention to details, they’re actually different. Side by side, you can compare that both bags have a different front flap size and shape. In fact, the Dior Mini Be Dior Bag is a bit taller than the Satchel version but the short in width.


Dior Mini Be Dior Satchel Bag (left) vs Dior Mini Be Dior Bag (right)

Also, the Dior Mini Be Dior Bag has buttons on the sides to make the bag shorter while the satchel version doesn’t have it. And as last, the Satchel version is a bit cheaper.

The Dior Mini Be Dior Satchel Bag measures 21.5 x 15 x 6.5 cm and is priced €2050 euro, £1600 GBP or ₩3,300,000 WON via Dior boutiques.




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Each year, Dior is producing beautiful Diorama bags to keep up with the demands of bag lovers out there. This time around, the Diorama Satchel Bag with CD Clasp is dubbed to be the hottest bag to watch out for this 2017.

The Diorama Satchel Bag was first-introduced in the previous season, but it was crafted with the iconic crest-shape clasp. This time around, Dior decided to make a little change and introduced a new clasp on the Diorama Satchel Bag – and you might already have guessed it, it’s the classic CD clasp.

With a different take on the Diorama bag, this latest Dior creation is recreated in a stylish and modern satchel-style. To maximize its space, the Diorama Satchel Bag features double gusset. The adjustable strap also makes it multi-purpose either as a handbag, cross-body or as a shoulder bag.

If you look closer, this glossy black crinkled lambskin bag adds a touch of chic to your ordinary casual look and the round “CD” clasp is well festooned with baguette-cut crystals.

The new Diorma Satchel Bag with CD Clasp measures 27.5 x 20 x 9 cm, priced at €3000 euro, £2700 GBP, ₩4700000 WON via Dior boutiques.







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Ho ho ho! It’s as if Santa heard your bag plea because the Balenciaga’s Tools Satchel Bag is out and about in the fashion world. This baby a new addition to the growing accessory selection of the fashion house and we couldn’t be any happier to share this news with you.

With its sleek black ensemble, the Balenciaga Tools Satchel Bag is the perfect companion for your everyday routine. The classic black color never fails to impress, but what we truly love about this bag is the python leather which wraps it elegantly paired with a smooth calfskin for lining.

Now first things first, what people would usually notice is the logo of the bag and we are definitely digging the embossed silver Balenciaga logo prominently displayed in front. The removable and adjustable shoulder strap is also an added bonus for you can wear it either as a hand or shoulder bag. It’s also made with shiny palladium metal hardware. The snap fastening under flap on the other hand is both convenient and secured.

Balenciaga XS Tools Satchel Bag
Size: 20.5 x 17 x 10.5 (W x H x D) cm
Prices: Normal leather; $1575 USD, €1245 euro, £925 GBP, ¥178200 JPY, Python; $2550 USD, €1995 euro, £1595 GBP

Balenciaga S Tools Satchel Bag
Size: 28.5 x 21 x 12 (W x H x D) cm
Prices: Normal leather; $2300 USD, €1795 euro, £1445 GBP, ¥255960 JPY, Python; $3550 USD, €2800 euro, £2250 GBP






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Mulberry Small Darley Satchel

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You’re big on colour, you like your bags small yet functional, and you’re definitely looking for something new that you can use throughout the festive season from Christmas all the way to the Chinese Lunar New Year. Well, look no further till you check out Mulberry’s new Small Darley Satchel that measures just 17 cm across by 12.5 cm in height. Made up of grained leather (my favourite kind too) that’s also leather-lined on the inside, what you see above are but 4 of the 6 different colours available in all, from Fiery Red and Grass Green to Macaroon Pink and Porcelain Blue.

Made available with a long sling, here’s something else I like about it. Unlike most bags where you can’t remove the sling if you don’t need it, the Small Darley Satchel allows you to remove it completely and use the bag like a clutch. Or go one up and swap it for another strap that you might have, since that’s a big thing now to do as well.

Priced at GBP635 (or around SGD1118 after conversion), the price also includes duties and taxes, and if you were to shop online at Mulberry from now till 28 November 2016, international shipping is free too. In other words, cute bag, great colours, no additional taxes to pay and with shipping thrown in, what else can you ask for, right?

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Fashion large handbag jokingly said “is more reliable than men,” did not back off big size handbag woman certainly can not appreciate where humor. This can only “be tolerant to diversity,” the handbag is a woman’s most intimate friends, it filled our necessities, in case of non-essentials and our little secret. Only large handbag women in the workplace can be a type capable briefcase, the journey may be accompanied by about practical large bag, it can also be your casual chic shopping bags out to the streets. In short, this tote should be large enough, it constantly reminds us: a woman can walk independently chic world!

Replica Givenchy Handbags

Certainly beyond the classic “came out on top”, Replica Givenchy Antigona Handbags with lightning speed jump on the throne, in addition to housekeeping classic black, bright color is the key to a fresh people, profile of neutral and practical bag body stiffness , suitable for winter dress.

Highlights: handbag trapezoidal shape for the unique design, ring handle and elegant atmosphere. Do not worry about obsolescence, use this bag made of 100% genuine leather, is even more evident as time goes by it’s precious.

Replica Givenchy Handbags

Product design: simple and elegant shape, practical size, Givenchy Antigona Medium Sugar Goatskin Satchel Bag Oxblood a variety of color combinations, make bags full of charm. As a Tote, the details of its handle and Logo at atmospheric whims. Replica Givenchy Handbags has maintained a “elegant style”, “stylish, simple, feminine” – people relive the style of the essence of the brand over the years in his lively and elegant shape of the female image.

Replica Givenchy Handbags

Antigona replica handbag launch of the new season, is a classic Boston-inclusive tote for the outline, with a strong neutral style designers like starting in the tote surface arc pulled out a three-dimensional box-shaped curve, so to add a soft shape sub rigid sense of design. It can be hand-held and shoulder design with dual-modern style, becoming Hollywood actress no Hollywood public house favorite.

Replica Givenchy Handbags

Care and maintenance: 1, to prevent temperature, rain, humidity, pressure, touch scratch; 2, mildew, avoid contact with oil, acid and alkaline substances; 3, often with a clean, soft cloth to wipe the metal parts, making it bright as new; 4, should be cleaned before storing leather, the right amount of leather care agents, and maintenance ventilated place; 5, should be kept in supporting the dust bag.

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The Chloe Goldie Satchel

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Tap into this seasons 70’s trend with the Chloe Goldie Bag, a satchel with a rounded bottom, gold ring fastening and a chain top-handle. The Goldie bag comes with a sophisticated colour palette; navy blue, amber, tan and black for a versatile look. We love the amber Goldie, its cool and classic looking but the details like the black top handle and gold ring hardware gives it a contemporary feel. If you want to add a dash of retro glamour then opt for the furry cover. 


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